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Here you’ll find a selection of the latest news in the M.E./ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia global community. Not only that, but you can also check out what you can do in terms of activism.

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Let’s check out the various sections you can explore on this site:

  • ME/CFS & FMS News ::  Want to see the latest news and posts? This is the section to visit!  All the posts made on this blog can be found in this section.

Do You Know About Our Sister Site?

Sleepydust consists of two web sites:  this site ( sleepydust.info) and our sister site, Sleepydust.net.

This site (sleepydust.info) is our news blog. It’s where you’ll find the latest, up-to-date information. So if this is the Sleepydust blog, what type of information can you find at our other site – Sleepydust.net ?

Well, Sleepydust.net is the main site where you’ll find great, easy-to-understand information about ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. The information on Sleepydust.net is more ‘evergreen’. You’ll find answers to questions like:

It is also where you can find our free educational video about M.E./ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (for friends and family)…

You can find out more about Sleepydust here…

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