Media Article: CFS and Diastolic Cardiomyopathy – Video

by Meg on 10th September 2006

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I’m grateful to George from the Sleepydust forum for bringing this link to our attention – thanks, George!

Dr Paul Cheney has been filmed giving a talk on CFS and heart malfunction. In the video, Dr Cheney explores the correlation between CFS patients and a malfunction with their heart’s left ventricular’s function. It seems that this malfunction causes the heart not to fill with as much blood, therefore the output is much decreased. This is called mild Diastolic Dysfunction – Grade 1. This condition cannot be picked up by a normal ECG. However, it is important to stress that Dr Cheney believes that this type of dysfunction is not a life-threatening disease.

The video, although very interesting, is rather long. I recommend you let it download, walk away and make a cup of tea, and go back to it regularly for viewing.

To access the video, click here.

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