Media Article – “Team hopes to educate about chronic pain”

by Meg on 19th September 2006

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Are you in pain on a daily basis? A conference taking place at Green Bay Wisconsin, to mark September’s Pain Awareness Month, is attempting to take a team view of pain, and crucially, its alleviation.

The work involves medical treatment complemented with physical therapy, psychotherapy and massage therapy to name but a few.

It is hoped that the team effort will go far to help those suffering with chronic pain.

The article also carries some pain definitions, common misconceptions and a 10-point scale on pain which staff at the Green Bay centre find helpful in their communications with patients.

“Chronic pain is really nasty if it’s not managed,” says Becky Wolf, a nurse practitioner in the Pain Management Centre at Green Bay. “You can go from an active, vital person to sitting at home unable to even cook for yourself.”

Jean Peerenboom –

It is a very interesting article – I certainly hope you’ll agree!

Read the full article here.

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