Media Article: “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ‘Real'”

by Meg on 4th November 2006

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Thankfully, more and more organisations, bodies and agencies are sitting up and taking notice of those afflicted with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other associated illnesses…

The CDC (Centre for Diseases and Control in America), now wants Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) to join the ranks of "real" diseases.

The CDC is also campaigning to have a greater awareness of the illness among the general public and doctors. This will certainly be of some comfort to the estimated 1 million Americans who suffer from this disease.

(…) "There’s no diagnostic test, no blood test," says Nancy Klimas, MD, a chronic fatigue researcher at the University of Miami, in explaining the medical community’s long frustration with the disease. "These are hard patients, and medical management these days has to be done in six minutes, nine minutes — and that’s not going to happen with these patients. These patients slow your day down." (…) ""Historically it’s been the lack of credibility of this illness that’s been the major stumbling block," she adds. " Web MD, 4 November 2006

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